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Our Mission

Sino Applied Technology (SiAT) is at the forefront of nanomaterial innovation, embracing the pioneering spirit of material science trailblazers and catalyzing significant advances in battery performance. This, in turn, allows us to play an important role in facilitating the global transition to green energy. SiAT's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology guarantees that we not only fulfill today's changing needs, but also pave the path for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.




Established with a focus on stealth mode R&D efforts, our dedicated team began the journey of developing cutting-edge nano-materials tailored for lithium-ion battery applications, setting the foundation for our future innovations.


With major investors such as Arm IoT Capital Partners, Darwin Ventures, UMC Capital, and Sinho Chemical, we transitioned from R&D to scaling up production. This pivotal moment enabled us to transform lab samples into commercially viable product lines, marking a significant step toward realizing our vision on a larger scale.


Bolstered by the continued support of our existing investors and welcomed new partnerships with Cerulean Capital. This round of funding further accelerated our growth and expanded our capabilities to meet the rising demand for our innovative nano-materials.


The opening of new production facilities in early 2024. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ambition to lead the industry in the development of nano-materials for lithium-ion batteries, promising a future where our innovations power advancements across various sectors.

2018 ChamberLid-fotor-20240204234622.jpg



2021 Oldfacility-fotor-20240204144042.jpg


Series A and Pilot Production

2023 Production DSC08954.jpg


Series B and Mass Production

2024 New Facilities iStock-1471157656.jpg


New Facilities in Taoyuan


Led by industry veterans, Sino Applied Technology (SiAT) boasts a leadership team with unmatched research prowess and business acumen. Our founders, experts in the battery sector, blend scientific excellence with strategic insight, propelling SiAT to the forefront of nanomaterial innovation.

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