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Nano-enhanced Performance

Our cutting-edge nanomaterial, specifically designed for lithium-ion batteries, is at the vanguard of battery technology advancement. Engineered to improve key performance indicators, this sophisticated solution considerably increases capacity, power, and safety, establishing a new benchmark for energy storage. The incorporation of our nano-material into the architectural design of the battery enables users to encounter performance enhancements that are beyond comparison. 

Gateway to
the future.

Our products are poised to propel the battery industry into a new frontier, offering unprecedented enhancements in efficiency, capacity, and safety, thus redefining the brave new world of energy storage.


Nanoscale powder that can be incorporated into the anode formulation of Lithium-ion batteries to significantly enhance battery capacity.




Carrier Media

Powder Format 


Engineered by SiAT, the Nano-Silicon Anode provides the perfect blend of durability, stability, conductivity, and capacity. The device has an excellent initial Coulombic efficiency of over 88% and a high capacity of over 1850 mAh/g. Its surface coating makes it safe to use in water-based slurries without causing them to produce hydrogen gas.


While the silicon undergoes lithiation, the shell-ceramic coats the material densely, reducing the impact of volumetric changes. An improved and more consistent electrochemical reaction is the result of the shell-carbon's increased conductivity.

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