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Nano addition,
Monumental boost.

Leveraging our proprietary recipe and advanced production process, we have mastered the art of uniformly dispersing nano-scale materials into various carrier media, offering our customers a seamless, drop-in solution that integrates effortlessly with existing large-scale battery manufacturing workflows.


Precisely powerful.

Our innovative approach including plasma-enhanced process and unique dispersion techniques ensure that our high-performance nano-materials can be easily and effectively incorporated into battery systems, enhancing their efficiency, capacity, and safety without the need for extensive modifications to current production lines. Our technology not only simplifies the transition towards more advanced battery components but also provides manufacturers with a straightforward path to significantly upgrade the performance of their products. 


Nano-sized matters.

Applying nanotubes and graphene to improve the conductivity issues of silicon anodes, thereby significantly enhancing the performance of lithium-ion batteries. By treating the surface of silicon anodes with nanotubes and graphene, lithium-ion batteries can deliver higher power output without reducing battery capacity. Nanotubes and graphene also provide flexibility and strength, preventing silicon anodes from cracking during charging and discharging, which improves cycle life and increases battery reliability.

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