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Sino Applied Technology Celebrates Grand Opening of New State-of-the-Art Nano-Material Manufacturing Facility in Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Taoyuan City, Taiwan – June 14, 2024 – Sino Applied Technology, a leading innovator in nano-materials manufacturing, proudly announced the grand opening of its new, state-of-the-art facility in Taiwan. The new factory, located at 33 Dongyuan Road, Zhongli Industrial Park, opened its doors with a celebratory ceremony on June 14, 2024.


SiAT new factory ceremony and address from Chairman

The grand opening ceremony marked a significant milestone for Sino Applied Technology, reflecting its commitment to advancing the nano-materials industry. The event featured a ceremony attended by company executives, local officials, and industry partners. Attendees were given a guided tour of the cutting-edge facility, highlighting its advanced manufacturing capabilities and sustainable design.

"We are delighted to officially open our new manufacturing plant in Taoyuan City," said Thomas Yang, CEO of Sino Applied Technology. "This facility is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in nanomaterials. It will enable us to better serve our clients, foster new research and product developments, and contribute positively to the local economy by creating job opportunities."

The new factory is equipped with the latest technology to enhance production efficiency and product quality. The new factory has annual production capacity of 100 tons silicon anode and 1,000 tons nano-materials. It also features a research and development center where Sino Applied Technology's team of experts will continue to explore new development for nano-materials to enhance battery performance.

The successful opening of this facility positions Sino Applied Technology at the forefront of the nano-materials sector, ready to meet the growing global demand and drive future innovations.

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